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My diagnosis is “human”

Invest in your future self.


So, I thought about introducing myself…hello, I’m Stephanie and I have schizoaffective disorder. That seems too basic. I’m more than schizoaffective, I’m complex. Weird. Awkward. Insecure. I’m curious. I’m also human and with my eccentricities I also deserve a place at the table. This website is designed to share interventions and strategies from a peer with a mental health illness that has been in dark places and am now thriving. It is possible for everyone.

The second purpose for the site is to bring all of you to the table, to have your voices heard. I will dedicate 1/2 of the work here to helping you voice your needs, lift your head, look people in the eyes, and call out with your voice to be heard. You matter.

When I was in dark places, I looked for my kind, a story of hope, someone to identify with, how to recover. I didn’t find anything that came from the an individual like me. Books tended to be glorified train wrecks, I was living dark times, I didn’t want to read about them. I wanted the formula to get through the darkness, to walk in some damn light.

I didn’t find it, so I rolled up my sleeves and made it up myself. I’m a psychologist, an interventionist, an artist, so I’m creative and resourceful. I came across some good research and practical sense and made a way for myself. I sat down and crafted a simple intervention, so simple I thought it would be too easy and not work. I’ve named it the Elements of Joy.

My hope for the blog is to share what worked for me. It will not work unless you make it your own. You’ll need to customize it and use your will power to do the work. It consists some of the 8 different things in your life daily, on a strict routine.

  1. Outdoors/Nature
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Nutrition
  5. Social/Relational
  6. Spirituality/Altruism
  7. Rejuvenation
  8. Creativity/Work

This is the nutshell, you will need to follow along with me to unravel how it works.

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